Fast Composting

If waste is separated, we should benefit the potential and not allow that it’s mixed again with non-organics later in the waste chain. To be able to process your own organic waste and at the same time make biological compost, we offer de-centralized fast composting technology to treat your organic waste at source where it was generated, be it by restaurants, hotels, food distribution centers, airports etc…

Compost has a number of advantages which are really  important for the soil: it adds organic matter, increases the moisture-retaining capacity and increases the resilience of the soil against diseases and pests.

Urban fast composting solutions are based on automated composting technology, designed for rapid composting ranging from 24 hours to 14 days instead of the regular 2-3 months. The installations are silent in operation, create no odour and will reduce your waste stream up to 90%, with an end-product which is : 100% natural organic compost.

The high quality city compost, generated inside the machine, is free from harmful pathogens and it is approved by US FDA and MOEF Approved Labs.

We also provide customized solutions to our clients as we have vast experience in institutional fast composting.