Renewable Solutions

The Stovac product range makes it possible to locally convert organic waste as a residual product into new green gas (climate-neutral bio-methane) which can be used locally. It replaces natural gas with a sustainable alternative that can be used for electricity,  heating, cooking, cooling, or combined and closes a biomass-cycle.

The Stovac can be used to process a wide range of food waste from restaurants, food markets, conference centres etc. Using membranes with high separation efficiency, CH4 is separated from CO2 to produce biomethane. This technology produces very high methane yield.

Our smallest Stovac-series can be installed in a compact enclosure with only a 7-10m2 footprint. The system is easy to integrate in both existing and new plants. The units are modular and scalable for waste streams from 30 Kg/day/unit up to 600kg/day/unit.


    • Conversion of bio-waste into methane gas within 24 hours
    • Produces its own high-quality plant food as a by-product.
    • Save cost by reduced waste collection services or storage.
    • Works quickly, clean, odourless whilst reducing the existing waste storage.
    • The CO2 savings can be converted into credits.
    • Outstanding ROI
    • State of the art benchmark results
    • Hygiene on site